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FBC Policy

I want to change my order at FBC

We are unable to make changes to your order after clicking the “place order” button, which includes the following:

Change the item or size
Delivery / billing address
Add items to your order
Shipping method
There is a 15 minute window where you can cancel your order, just remove it from the page with your account information and click on the ‘cancel order’ button

After these 15 minutes, it will no longer be possible to cancel the order, but you can choose the return process. Find out more here.

* If you enter the incorrect address at the time of checkout, we will not be held responsible if the order is lost. We are not responsible for refunding / replacing this order.

I received a defective item

In the event of receiving a defective item, please contact us immediately with the following information:

Your order number (found in the order confirmation message)
Which item is damaged
A description of the problem
Photographic evidence
Do not return any damaged product unless advised by a member of our support team, as this may result in a slower resolution time.

If your package was damaged at the time of delivery, make photographic evidence and send it directly to customer support.

All claims for orders that arrive damaged must be made within 7 days of the delivery date.

Unless proof of damage has been verified by a member of the support team, we cannot perform a refund, credit or replacement.

After receiving the information above, we will work quickly and efficiently to ensure that the problem is fixed instantly.

E-mail responses within 24 hours.

FBC sent me the wrong item

In the unlikely event that you received the incorrect item, please contact us immediately with the following information to ensure that we can resolve the issue quickly and efficiently:

Request number
The name of the item you did not receive
The name of the item you received in error
A clear photograph of the item you received, including the logo
As soon as we receive the information above, our customer support team will resolve the issue as soon as possible!

You may be asked to return the incorrect item to us through our return process. How do I return an item?

All claims for orders arriving with incorrect / missing items must be made within 7 days of the delivery date.

E-mail responses within 24 hours

Can I exchange my item?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer exchanges. In order to make the return process as efficient as possible, we only offer refunds.

Our goal is to refund the returned item as soon as it is received at our warehouse, allowing you to place another order as soon as possible. This usually occurs within 5 to 7 business days after posting the returned item with the chosen return service.

If you need a different size or color for an item, you will need to place a new order. You will be notified by email when we process your refund.

E-mail responses within 24 hours

Payment issues

Updated 1 month ago

See below for payment error codes that may appear if the order is unsuccessful:

2000 – Denied – – The customer’s bank does not accept the transaction. The customer will need to contact the bank for more details about the refusal.

2007 – Account – not found – The card number sent is not registered with the card issuing bank. The customer will need to contact the bank.

2015 – Transaction not allowed – The customer’s bank is refusing the transaction for unspecified reasons, possibly due to a problem with the card itself. You must contact the bank or use a different payment method.

3000 – Provider’s network unavailable – This response means that there is an error in our payment gateway, but don’t worry, we will inform you of any problems and you will be notified when it is fixed.